My name is Barbara Wood Roberts and I am an intercultural competence scholar specializing in assessment. I seek to quantify intercultural competence under the theoretical grounding of Deardorff (2006; 2011) and the structural framework of Griffith, Wolfeld, Armon, Rios, and Liu (2016). Using structural equation modeling, the results indicate goodness of fit of the measurement model.

More broadly, as a cultural psychologist, I focus on promoting awareness of the origins and necessity of culture while seeking ways to foster openness and understanding among culturally different individuals and groups.

Culture is pervasive, there are few aspects of life that escape its influence. To that end, you’ll find a wide variety of topics addressed here:

  • Intercultural Competence
  • Intercultural Competence Assessment
  • Psychologically Literate Citizenry
  • Cultural Psychology Perspective
  • Other Topics of Interest Related to Culture